Mobile Works Solutions
11am - 8pm (Daily)

Mobile Works Solution is an Apple Certified Independent Repair Provider.

IRP in short, The Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program provides independent repair providers with the same access to Apple Service Parts, Apple Service Diagnostics, Repair Procedures, Training, Technical Articles, and other resources available as Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs).

We also provide quality repair services for most mobile phones and tablets. We offer on the spot repair whereby you can see what we are doing. We are fully equipped to provide chip level repair and we are constantly upgrading ourselves as well as our equipment to stay competitive and current.

We source mainly original parts as well as high quality parts to ensure every repair works just as good as before, at competitive prices without compromising quality.

We are also authorised retailer of many major brands of mobile accessories like UNIQ, Viva Madrid, Energea, Verbatim, Skull Candy and Polaroid.



IG: @mworksrepair

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