Joyfulness Dining (Chinese New Year Promotion)

Get 10% off Early Bird Special before 15 Jan!

Our Chinese New Year Menu is sure to make you shout 'HUAT AH"!

These are some of our CNY Festive Dishes:

- Treasure Pot (Golden Abalone, Cabbage, Black Fungus, Pork Belly, Roast Duck, Yam, Fragrant Mushroom, Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster, Fresh Prawn, Scallop & Black Moss) $438.80++

- Fortune Yu Sheng $48.80/$68.80 ++

- Crispy Roast Chicken $38.00 ++

- Fragrant Beehoon with Pig Trotters & Mushroom $48.00/$88.80 ++

- Koi Shaped Rice Cake $26.00/$48.80 ++

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